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At the Law Offices of Christopher L. Davis we are proud of our record of successes, both within the courtroom and in obtaining pre-trial settlements.

While we do not prevail in every case, we hope our record demonstrates that we have the skills, experience, and persistence to bring significant and often difficult disputes to a favorable outcome. Here are some notable cases across a range of disputes for your consideration.

Medicare Fraud Settlement

Amount: $10,000,000

A unique federal statute allows whistleblowers to bring cases on behalf of the federal (and state) government to return ill-gotten gains to the government trust. The whistleblower receives a bounty for exposing the malefactor.

Malicious Prosecution

Amount: $1,200,000

Deceptive trade practices.

Breach of Contract

Amount: $7,250,000

Alleged breach of a $16,000,000 corporate jet purchase.

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