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Don't jeopardize your case or even your personal safety by revealing your efforts to obtain legal counsel.

Contacting an attorney can invite scrutiny and even retribution from your employer, business partners, spouse, or even government agencies. If you have a sensitive legal issue, contact us using a method that is likely to evade detection.


There is nothing simpler than picking up the phone and dialing 214-443-9900. But remember, the party paying the phone bill can obtain a record of your call and easily identify who you were calling. That's why we encourage you to call from your personal phone and not your work phone.

In some cases, like divorce for example, it is prudent to avoid both work and personal phones. Consider borrowing a phone from friends or family in order to make your initial contact undetected and we will arrange a discreet method for future contacts.

Regular Email

Expect no privacy when using regular email, and be aware that your email messages and any attachments will likely persist forever.

Do not contact us using your work email address, especially if you work in financial services, legal services, healthcare, or government. In these and other occupations, your employer may be required to monitor and retain all email traffic.

You may wish to contact us using your personal email account. Just make certain you are not using a computer, smartphone, or Internet access point provided by your employer when you access your personal email account. Even if you're confident about the privacy of your personal emails, it is best to make your initial contact with us both brief and vague. "I am aware of a company defrauding the government on a construction contract" is sufficient detail to alert us to your issue.

Encrypted Email

This is the most secure method for contacting us, but it can be technically challenging and it is not necessary in every case. Still, if you possess evidence of fraud, corruption, mismanagement, or illegal practices perpetrated by your employer or co-workers consider using encrypted email.

Configuring encrypted email is a complicated topic that we do not cover here. PC users will find instructions along with a free, open source implementation of the OpenPGP encryption standard at Apple users should visit If all this leaves you baffled, check with your friendly local computer wizard. Many people in the tech world use encrypted email and are familiar with its operation.

Our public key, which you will need in order to send us encrypted email, is available » here

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